Why organizations need to focus on developing executive presence among leaders at all levels

Executive presence coaching isn’t just for senior-level executives. In fact, it’s essential for successful, growth-minded organizations to invest resources into developing executive presence among leaders at all levels.

What is an executive presence? It’s the fundamental and often intangible quality (or set of qualities) that contributes to a leader’s ability to make an impact. Whether a leader is working with clients, colleagues, or direct reports, the core values of executive presence training are a driving force in their success.

Executive presence can help leaders navigate many professional dynamics, including:

  • Managing stressful or difficult relationships

  • Collaborating with different personalities

  • Using your voice effectively

  • Activating effective listening

  • Building internal influence

  • Engaging audiences with presentations

Executive presence development has significant benefits for individuals and companies alike. From the company’s perspective, investing in cultivating leaders with executive presence translates into business success. Their leaders are effective and influential, skilled at both listening as well as taking the lead.

And for individuals, executive presence coaching can be transformative. It drives an awareness not only of how others perceive you but also of how you perceive yourself as a leader. How effectively do you communicate with others? What values and fundamentals come across when you communicate? How successfully do you relate to colleagues who have different leadership styles and personalities? What thoughts or opinions do you hold about yourself as a leader, and what are those ideas based on?

As an executive presence coach and leadership development consultant, I help clients examine all these questions in an intentional way. Whether a client is an executive tasked with running a large company, or a manager leading a small team, the goal is the same: to engage in thoughtfully in exploration and analysis, resulting in an enhanced sense of leadership identify, which fuels the ability to make an impact.

Some people perceive executive presence as an innate quality—something you either have or you don’t. This perception persists among effective leaders (who may think, it just comes naturally) as well as those who doubt their leadership abilities (who often think, I’m better off hanging back and letting others take the lead—I’m not meant to be an influencer). In reality, however, leadership qualities, like executive presence, can be learned. That’s where, for leaders of all kinds, executive presence coaching comes in.

With a background in acting, clinical psychology, and social work, my approach to coaching—and executive presence in particular—draws on my expertise in a wide variety of disciplines. My passion for human behavior and the human experience is at the core of all my professional pursuits and informs my latest coaching transition—turning my focus to driving impactful leadership through executive presence coaching. Throughout my career, I have focused on helping leaders achieve personal and professional growth. Now, my core mission is to help individuals harness their leadership power by reshaping themselves from the inside out and the outside in.

I’m thrilled to have reshaped my own business in pursuit of this goal and to introduce myself to you as Deena Goodman, Executive Presence Coach, and Leadership Development Consultant. I invite you to reach out to me directly to discover how executive presence coaching can transform your leadership potential.