Team & Group Training


Deena offers a 3-pronged approach to uncovering expert Executive Presence along with team facilitation. One or all of the following programs can be implemented and customized to meet your organization's brand and overall learning need at both a foundational and advanced level.


1. Leadershift Lab

This Video Lab Training uses video, experiential exercises and formal training to help leaders refine the hard skills of presentation and effective communication. 


2. Build Your Brand Vision & Relationship Skills

Through formal leadership assessment, gain insight to your distinct style of leadership, learn how others perceive you and best practices for communicating your leadership brand as effectively as possible, creating productive, lasting relationships along the way.

3. Build Your Networking Strategy

Learn to leverage your relationships inside and outside of the workplace so that your visibility increases and your ability to influence becomes truly powerful.

4. Facilitation

Deena will facilitate difficult conversations to drive insight building and growth opportunities for leadership pairs and teams.